First Time?

First Time Visitor Info

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2539 Newport Hwy
Sevierville, TN 37876

What About Comfort and Convenience?
As a visitor of Grace Baptist Church we look at you as our honored guest. Upon arriving you will find convenient visitor parking in the front parking lot along with handicapped parking for those in need. You should immediately receive a warm welcome from members of our church and you are welcome to sit anywhere you desire. 

What About Giving?
As a visitor we do not expect you to give anything, we want our services to be a gift to you. 

What Should I Wear?
We do not have a specified dress code, although you will find men in leadership positions and church workers wear the traditional "Sunday" attire which might include, coat and tie for the men and dresses or skirts for the ladies. But you will find we have some that wear more casual attire, even overalls.

What Style of Service Should I Expect?
Our services are filled with lively traditional singing from the "Red Back" church hymnal and it is not uncommon for individuals to "rejoice" during service or say "amen" during the preaching. 

Is the Pastor Friendly?
If for some reason you are not greeted by Bro. Sam before the service begins, you will be greeted by him, along with his wife Michelle upon exiting the building after each service. 

What About My Children?
We do offer a children's church for those who would like your children to participate, however, your children are certainly welcome to stay in the service with you.

The children's church ministry consists of:
Nursery (ages 0-2)
Primary Church (ages 3-4)
Children's Church (ages 5-7)
Junior Church (ages 8-12)